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Poptop roof Fitting

Redfish Campers is an approved fitter for Pop Top UK. A pop top roof greatly enhances the living space of small and medium sized vans, as it enables you to comfortably stand within the entire floor space area of the van, and offers roomy sleeping for additional adults or children.

Pop top UK roofs are crash tested and certified. They do not significantly increase the height of a vehicle when down (only by a few centimetres) which means most vans will still fit easily into multi-storey car parks, beach side parking with restricted height barriers and your own garage at home

Gas and electrical installations

Many people are rightly cautious about fitting gas cookers and electrical systems into their vans. Many camper vans out there are sadly nowhere near the legal standard for gas and electrics, and some are quite simply dangerous. Don’t take that risk.

All gas and electrics are installed in accordance with motorhome and caravan safety standards and all installations are independently certified for your peace of mind – i.e. we don’t issue our own certificates, as some do. Your insurance company may ask you for such a certificate, often annually and your insurance may be void without one

other services

Apart from the services  above we also provide a wide range of additonal campervan services. All listed here

If you would like to find out more  don’t hesitate to contact us


Most small to medium sized campers will be carpeted – a thin stretchy carpet cloth that covers all panels and internal metal panels.

The reason for this is to eliminate any point of condensation from the inside of the vehicle, carpeting also leaves a van looking lovely and cosy, and is warm to the touch, much nicer than plastic trim or bare wooden panels.

Carpet is available in a range of colours. It is one part of converting a van that looks easy but is best left to the experienced if you want a stunning professional finish.


We can source new or almost-new seats to replace or upgrade your van seats. The rear “rock and roll” fold out bed seat is then upholstered using genuine car manufacturers seat cloth sourced in the Netherlands, to perfectly match the front and rear seats.

Alternatively front and rear seats can be upholstered to your own requirements and design

Upholstery fitting campervan by Redfish Campers


A basic van floor is corrugated for strength and rigidity and so will require a new additional floor fitted on top. A wooden floor is often fitted in a camper and this will need to be profiled to tightly fit the shapes and contours of the vans floor.

An alternative is a metal floor, galvanised for zero rust, which is thinner and more durable than wood. Add a layer of insulation and a industry-grade durable vinyl floor and you have a soft and warm floor, nicer than traditional hard cold ones!

We use Altro Contrax flooring which is available in a wide variety of  attractive colours and is incredibly hard wearing


This is often a good base for you to start your own home conversion. Insulation is vital when converting a camper and is the difference between a cold and chilly night’s sleep or a warm and toasty one!

With correct and thorough insulation it is surprising how much a van will retain heat in the winter, and keep it cool in the summer.


Older vans often suffer from rust but in many cases with the correct preparation and repair, this is often easily eliminated. And even new vans can suffer from small dings and scrapes.

We use a local and reliable body shop who can repair and paint your van to a very high standard for a very reasonable price. Colour coding (i.e. painting bumpers and external plastic trims to match the vehicle’s colour) is a great and inexpensive way to make your home from home look fabulous.

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