A campervan  Story….

Talking About It….

‘We’d been talking about ‘a camper van’ for 10 years!

With two kids, ages 2 and 5, and our fast approaching wedding we found ourselves in a position to just about afford it and thought f*%k it, now or never! Ian Baxter was recommended to us by a mutual friend. Ian was suggested as having unrivalled knowledge and a near obsession with detail and perfection.

The VW Assumption….

We’d always assumed a VW T5 would be the van of choice, doesn’t EVERYONE! But we were open to discuss other vans. Why a Mercedes Vito? More van for your buck. Greater prestige in terms of the marque. And, hopefully, avoiding being the Cornwall campervan cliché, T5 campers are abundant and expensive, Vito campers are less expensive and more unique!


So introduction to Ian was, as one would expect, in the back of a lush Vito he was just finishing off. We were sold! Ian is friendly, warm, unpushy, open and honest. The quality of his work spoke for itself. Ian was very happy to discuss every detail and consider every idea we had or suggest many of his own based on what our needs were. The result – a van customised to what we wanted, not to what was expedient to Ian

The base van…

Ian helped us find a base van and I flew to Newcastle to get it, a Vito 116 with less than 50K on the clock. Now with less than 12 weeks to go could Ian convert the van in time for the wedding and our subsequent honey moon? You bet and with a day to spare we picked up the finished beast all ready to drive myself and bride back to the wedding party, and then on to our honey moon (without the children)!

The holidays…

Since then we have used the van for several weeks at a time in France, short weekend breaks locally, festivals and day trips for homemade lunch by the beach.

The van has enabled really good quality family time, as does camping but without the associated hassle, faff and equipment also required by the canvas option. It’s great having a van that isn’t the T5 cliché. It has, without a doubt, delivered exactly what we wanted and then some. Don’t think about the cost, just do it – these are experiences and times together that money just can’t buy.

We would wholly recommend Ian/Redfish Camper Vans and will use him again, though it may take us 15 years to wear this van out first!’