Why mercedes ?

A question asked by some of my customers over the years. Redfish Campers specialise in Mercedes vans for good reason.

There are a multitude of van shapes, sizes and makes on the market today  Many are designed to be cheap, affordable motorway delivery vans, where durability, and high end engineering design and performance are not key qualities. As a result at 100k miles, many such vans are worn out and the engines are close to the end of their natural life

If someone offered you a free car and gave you the choice of a Mercedes or a VW which one would you choose? It’s obvious. You would, wouldn’t you?


From 2007 all Mercedes vans are rust proofed throughout, so the days of the old rusty Vito side doors are long gone


Mercedes are renowned for producing high end luxurious vehicles – and this doesn’t stop at cars…


All post 2007 diesel Vitos will provide you with 40mpg which is good for a car never mind a van


The number of Vitos out there with more than 400,000 miles on the engine bears testament to the longevity of the Mercedes engine. This is a reason why virtually every taxi minibus in London is now a Vito…..


No cam belt to snap and wreck the engine – VW owners beware!

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